Cherry, Berry and Banana Breakfast Bowl

Blitzed up cherries and berries, for a naturally sweet breakfast

Frozen cherries are one of my favourite fruits to put in smoothies, so I tend to weight the balance of berries heavily in their favour. Creaming the frozen fruit up in a blender makes it almost like a sorbet, but without adding anything except fruit, nut butter, and a little liquid.

You can use cows milk, almond milk  or coconut water instead of rice milk if you prefer. The ingredients listed here are really just a guideline, so feel free to adapt them to suit what you have in the house that day.

Top with a light sprinkling of raw cacao nibs, or instead use roughly chopped almonds, seeds, goji berries, fresh fruit, granola, or whatever tickles your fancy. For an after-dinner snack, you can add a couple of teaspoons of good quality hot chocolate or a teaspoon of raw cacao powder to the mix, for a delicious chocolate and cherry combination.

If you’ve got a big day ahead of you, bulk it up with a handful of oats to make it a more filling breakfast.

Makes one breakfast bowl – multiply ingredients as required.


  • 1 small banana, sliced and frozen
  • 140g mixed frozen berries (cherries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants)
  • dash of brown rice milk
  • 1 heaped tsp peanut butter or almond nut butter
  • juice of quarter of an orange
  • fresh fruit, seeds, nuts, granola, or a scant sprinkling of raw cacao nibs (or a mixture of them all!)


Place all your smoothie ingredients in a blender, and blitz until you have a smooth consistency, similar to a slightly liquid sorbet. If it’s too thick, add a dash more of the rice milk.

Pour it into a bowl, and sprinkle your toppings of choice over it. Serve immediately, before it melts.