Pine Gin, French, Honey and Bitters

from "A Spirited Guide to Vermouth", by Jack Adair Bevan

This week on the blog, Jack Adair Bevan has very kindly agreed to share a recipe extract from his brand new cocktail book  “A Spirited Guide to Vermouth”, for a beautiful pine gin cocktail. And here at the Mill, we do like a gin cocktail to get a party going! Many of you are probably already familiar with his recipes and writing, from his contributions to both The Ethicurean Cookbook and the restaurant itself, or his pieces in the Guardian Weekend magazine. His book is a celebration of vermouth in all its aromatic botanical glory, and is accompanied by recipes from various chefs to compliment his delicious concoctions. Cocktail recipes range from a Toasted Nut Boulevardier to a Perfect Manhattan, and from a Blood Orange Vermouth and Tonic to a Rosemary Bijou, as well as dedicated sections exploring classics such as the Martini and the Negroni (a personal all time favourite, although beware, its deliciousness can render it rather deadly).

Next week we will be featuring the second extract which focuses on pairing vermouth with charcuterie and sourdough bread, so do check back then for another morsel.

A SPIRITED GUIDE TO VERMOUTH is published by Headline Home, priced £16.99 and launched on 30th May 2019. The photos accompanying this recipe are by Ben Pryor. Thank you Jack for sharing your recipe with us!


  • 40ml Scots Pine Gin (see opposite)
  • 10ml Noilly Prat
  • 5ml local honey syrup (see opposite)
  • Dash of Angostura Bitters


VERMOUTH PINE GIN 28.Pine-honey-side-shot 7.Pine-honey-close-overhead 6.Pine-honey-jackoutoffocus 5.Pine-honey-inhand 9781472262974

Recipe extract from “A Spirited Guide to Vermouth”, by Jack Adair Bevan.