Christmas Wreath Making

December 2018 - mini post


It’s that time of year again where we make our Christmas wreaths, which has become a bit of a tradition here at Shipton Mill. It’s a lovely morning spent with Emily, Debbie and Siobhan, with the Christmas album on full volume and the kitchen heated by the log fire, with the smell of woodsmoke permeating over the top of the scent of the evergreens which are scattered all over the floor. Over the summer, we’ve been gathering flowers for drying which can now be used to decorate the wreaths for little pops of colour, mixed with bright red holly berries, minky bull rushes, pine, fir cones and shining green box leaves. We source all our plant materials from the garden and grounds, and other than the wire holding them together and the ribbon decorations they are 100% natural. We weave the frames from willow and hazel, and we don’t use any plastic or florist’s foam to make them as biodegradable and environmentally friendly as possible.

If you’re local and would like one for your door, they’re available to collect as of now! You can pre-order one by calling the office on 01666 505050, or drop by and choose one in person from reception (also see our website for details on pricing and how to look after your wreath).


wreath2 wreath3 wreath4



Because we don’t use florist’s foam, we recommend misting the wreaths with water occasionally to keep them fresh throughout the festive season. Seasons greetings from all of us at Shipton Mill! Xx

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